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Lister 6/1 for sale in USA


Soon to be completed 6/1 Lister for sale. Should be done late year. Total disassembly, corrected in every way possible way and assembled per Lister technical data sheet per new engine specifications, NOT wear tolerances.  New hard valve seats, new Lister valves,  reground crank, best quality bronze back rod bearing. Both ends of rod reconditioned, new iron piston, good Listard chrome bore etc, etc. Too much new to go on listing. Price finalized when completed, estimated price cheerfully offered via PM. 
 With  7 CS types and roids through the shop just his year, we know these engines and do them right,, or not at all

Is the 6/1 finished? I am interested in purchasing a rebuilt unit.

Let me give a little more context as I am new here and realize that my previous question was a little short and seemingly unqualified.
In the late 90's I rode a motorcycle across India and through Nepal. During that time I fell in love with these single cylinder, slow running engines that powered everything from generators and pumps, to saws and threshing machines. Everywhere I went in the countryside, I could hear the slow thump of these things working along at all hours. I considered purchasing an Indian version when I was there, but didn't have the time or resources to ship one to the States. Flash forward 20+ years of casual searching and I have come to the realization that these things are pretty rare, especially on the west coast.
38ac, can you tell me more about the one you are rebuilding for sale. I would like to find one and use it to drive a generator.

Thank you,

Apologies for not updating this but the engine is sold.


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