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Lister CE decompression changeover damage

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Hi all..
 I have purchased a 1950 lister CE and am in the process of dissasmbaly and have found a exhaust valve and seat that are pitted badly. From what I can figure is the opening to the expansion chamber in the changeover has been blown out, and the debris damaged the valve and seat. I have a new set of the shafts but not the half bowl that makes the expansion chamber. Not sure if I should use the new shafts without replacing the half bowls, as the old shafts would be mated to the old bowls.. Also not sure if the bowl part of the expansion chamber is similar to other model lister...
I have attached some pics of the bowls of each cylinder,

 To me it looks like the damage has been done, could it be run like this..

Any Ideas.... Thanks..

Hi Mtour,

Just lap valve seat, and COV doest look so bad.



Thanks for the reply..

If your interested I have NOS valve guides and head gaskets available for the Lister CE engine, PM me if interested.


 I tried lapping the valve, used a drill... the valve seat still has deep pits, didn't want to grind any more as the valve face and seat are starting to curve. Really not sure what to do about this..


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