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what is the differences?

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Have a neighbor that has about talked me into old school lister and done some looking  Im looking to have about a 10kw gen added to it and looking to keep it an air cooled.  I can find anything that really explains all of different models and pros and cons of what I should get.  I can see a HA, HR, LT, SR, ST, and finally TS.  I think that if get the point that following the letters you get a #1,2,3 meaning the number of cylinders.  But I need help in understanding what is what.  Need recommendations for a bomb proof best reliable for remote alaska what would be the most fuel efficient that I can do electric and hand crank start.  Please help a new guy.

Thanks and God Bless

Hi Tom. You have said air-cooled; and I guess maybe thatís because of the cold up there?  Just a comment that the air-cooled units are inherently noisy (big fins to transfer heat to air, and they resonate) so your location/layout may need to allow for distance or a soundproof shed

The really old CS water-cooled diesels - and their new, Indian-sourced clones/copies (a bit like the way the Chinese copy Honda engines) are very quiet & relaxed - there are a couple of guys on here who specialise in them - but the liquid-cooling may be a deal-breaker for you?

Good luck

Tom, they are all good (HA, HR, LT, SR, ST) mostly just different vintages.
I doubt that you have a lot of selection to choose from, so just take what you can get provided it is in good condition.
One problem you may have up in Alasksa is getting spare parts for genuine Lister Engines.


I'd contact Gary at Diesel Electric Services (DES).  His company does service in Alaska and so he could perhaps supply a suitable genset that he supports with parts.  Ultra experienced and a stand up guy.


I believe Gary at DES has closed down his business and sold off the inventory.
He was advertising it here many months back.


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