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I started work on my CS6 , yesterday the lifter that works the fuel was jammed on the top of the stroke so I rotated the crank 180 and carefully tapped it down with the pump off, but it is tight so Iíll have to take the cam housing off and dismantle it.. Also Iím not sure how to set the governor etc to start.. I donít think Iíll use the SOM itís not in good shape. I should be able to find a modern belt drive alternator.... :)

keep careful track of any washers or spacers with the fuel pump, and don't mess with the plunger screw that rides on the lifter - that's what sets your fuel injection timing.

The lifter area needs oiling every time before you start the engine, then it won't stick anymore

Hi mike..
Thanks for that, when you say timing screw ,is that the screw and locknut on the lifter?,,   if so what does the big grub screw above the cambearing do

On mine, it's a screw & locknut on the pump plunger, and the lifter (I think) goes thru to the roller bearing on the cam

Mines a clone, and may be set up different, but don't casually twirl the screw or nut, because that is a critical setting.

In my attached clone pic, 43 is the lifter w/roller bearing
and 44 & 45 are the bolt and nut that set the pump timing.  if it gets changed, you have to go thru a whole procedure to measure and mark the flywheel and calculate where the injector timing mark gets chalked on, then you rock the flywheels back and forth, adjusting the screw&nut till the injector fires at the right time.

You may not be able to remove the governor housing without also moving the flywheel out,, big job that depends on which flywheels you have and how close they are to the bearing housings. If you have not already began that process I have freed up few of those lifters by removing the rotation stop screw and squirting some penetrant both in that hole and around the top. Once it moves just a bit it will quickly free up. use caution if you turn the engine to force it back up as you can shear the drive pin or bend the cam .  A couple small bars or large screwdrivers will usually pry the lifter back up so you vcan work the oil into it.


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