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Mk3 burner prototype running clean and pretty well

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I dont know that anyone cares about this but anyway

This is prototype Mk3.  Its burner is effectively the same as previous ones I have built/modified/improved outside.  But for this one I cut out the piece of steel on the door of my woodstove which houses the rotary damper, made an adaptor to attach the burner to it, and linked the two units with a swept 100mm stainless steel bend

The unit has three primary air holes: two at 12mm diameter and one at 15mm so you can fine-tune the air supply 12mm/15mm/24mm/27mm/39mm cross section just by closing them off.  Perhaps in the future I will siamese them and put a valve?  Or perhaps one big hole with a valve will do well see

It fires up instantly and burns clean and crisp.  If I let it get the stainless steel section glowing it does some exponential burn thing like a diesel runaway so ideal is with the bottom of the stainless just glowing

Now that I know it is controllable & consistent, Im building Mk4 with a slightly different curved intake pipe to direct the flow of hot gas a little differently to heat the top of the woodstove better if it will

Progress, I guess

See images?

And a couple of vids:

I'm getting an error message from youtube on your video links.  I'd love to see them.
Congrats on your burner progress.

take out studio and /edit/basic   and it works for me

Thanks, Mike.  These edited url's work:

I've just knocked off after a couple hours in the workshop making Mk4

See pic - this is it at the welded-up-in-a-hell-of-a-hurry stage.  I'll clean it up a bit - but no sense making things pretty until they are "final" or possibly so

The objective is simply to have something that produces plenty of heat, runs a blast of hot burning oil/air across the underside of my cooktop, is safe and controllable-ish , and doesn't smell

I'm sort of 80% of the way there on some fronts and less on others

But the bottom line is that results are replicate-able and the thing seems to be tuneable . . .

So fingers crossed

Yesterday I delivered about 700 litres of the fuel oil to site.  It's in 200L (55-gallon) drums.  I'm hoping that if I let them sit for a year or so - then 99% of the contaminants/water will make its way down to the bottom, and if i just use the top 3/4 then it might be sufficiently clean.  I figure I'll just put a tapping band around the drum about 6" from the bottom, smack a hole through and screw a valve into the band

I'm back up at my shed in a couple weeks so hope to have a trial burn then

Good to see you in action here, Bruce.  Hope you are doing OK



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