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Camshaft and Crankshaft Endplay

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Finally reassembling my 24/2 Powerline Listeroid after several years of scraping, gouging, needling and power washing sand and gook out of every nook and cranny.
Can't seem to locate torque and end play tolerances for the engine, particularly for the cam and crankshaft. Does anybody have a source for these specifications?
Much Appreciated.


To answer the crankshaft question it must be known if the outside mains are bushing type as per OEM Lister or tapered rollers as per India modification? I have never seen a tapered roller equipped twin but that does not mean they dont
exist. Camshaft end play is not specified in the technical information, neither are torque values.  There should be at least . 010 end play and if its not over .030 I do not do anything with it. If shims are needed or desired they go inside the block. I use standard Whitworth torque tables for the important fasteners orher than the rod cap.

Once again, 38AC provides the voice of expertise, in his simple, useful answer.  (Glad you're back!)

Hugh Conway:
WOW ! 38AC !
Welcome back Butch!!!!!!
I was just posting the following when you post appeared.

Here's a quote from Quinn......a former poster here
"The specification for the TRBs calls for 0.005 - 0.010 end play in the crankshaft.  Anyone who has replaced front wheel bearings in a car knows how to set them up.  You tighten the keeper nut until there is no wobble in the wheel, then continue tightening until you can detect a little drag, then loosen a bit, then tighten again until you feel drag, then loosen . . . then lock it down when it feels just right.  However adjustment  on these engines is effected by the number of paper shims that are placed between the crankcase and the TRB housing flanges."

Thank you much for the specifications. It will be helpful as we put this back together. I have Tapered Roller Bearings in this Powerline 24/2.

The reference to the Whitworth Torque Tables was most appreciated. Didn't know something like this existed. Very helpful.


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