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Coolant change


Just changed out 15 gallons of coolant a couple days ago
Link should take you to a viewable facebook album page

I use full strength antifreeze, mixed 50% with De Ionized water

Why Now ?   because in the thick gloom of the fires near here last week, the water smelled "off" when it got hot.
It was literally Rat Soup in the open tank.  Now I have to put a screen over the top.  About 10 years, no rust seen.


Facebook requires a LOGIN to view the pics   :-[

> Facebook requires a LOGIN to view the pics   :-[

damm.  now they are useless.   Sorry about that.  Here's some un-annoted copies:

old coolant, with mr willard the rat, in 2 of the jugs

inside the coolant tank, which was an old car fuel tank

closing up, the box of empties  (15 gallons in the whole system)  and you can see the coolant tank on the wall


Spotless !
I bet the inside of your engine cooling passages are just as clean.
Nice work.


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