Author Topic: Thinking of selling a Listeroid  (Read 1821 times)


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Thinking of selling a Listeroid
« on: September 06, 2020, 11:11:25 AM »
I imported a Powerline 12-1 back in about 2006 and have done absolutely nothing with it. My life became very busy about then and has stayed that way so I'm finally thinking about selling the engine. I recall I ordered a spare piston and head as well as a brass idler gear. I may also have other spares but I haven't even looked at it in years so I would have to check. As it is it will take a couple hours to dig it out from the back of the shed. I would like to know if anybody has an idea of what a fair price would be these days. It is exactly the way Atul Patel shipped it back then because I never ran it and, for that matter, I never even put fuel in the tank. I am located in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At this point I am only comfortable with face to face cash transactions but I suppose I may not be too old to learn. Any help with this would be appreciated.



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Re: Thinking of selling a Listeroid
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2020, 05:53:31 PM »
As I remember Powerline was "The" one to purchase back then.  Aluminum piston - right?

I don't wish to digress too far but have you decided on an alternative backup power supply?

PayPal charges something over 3% as I remember.  National bank to national bank transfers here in the states can be complimentary or around $10.  I'd be surprised if Canada hasn't something more friendly for electronic funds transfers.

The bad news is that it's tricky for US citizens to enter Canada.  Waiting a couple of months might really increase your market.  And those Franklins do carry a nice sized stick.

Good Luck
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Re: Thinking of selling a Listeroid
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2020, 07:09:16 PM »
@ Lowgear...... "I'd be surprised if Canada hasn't something more friendly for electronic funds transfers."
In fact, we do.......called e-transfer. works great, costs nothing.
@ListerLister......I'm not too far away, just up the coast a bit on an island between the mainland and Vancouver Island. I would think there might be some interest in B.C. Will fwd this to a friend who was looking for something similar, maybe of help.
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Re: Thinking of selling a Listeroid
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2020, 07:54:27 AM »
Hi LowGear,

Yes Powerline stood out to me at the time but I actually can't remember if the piston is aluminum or cast iron so I'll have to check. My backup generator will just continue to be a 6500W air-cooled diesel unit but around here the power is so reliable I can't remember the last time I even fired it up. As for the method of payment I know that there are a number of ways but cash is the only one that won't take up more of my time learning how to use it. In the end I know I'll figure out whatever I have to with the right motivation when it comes. :)

Hi Hugh,
I appreciate the help. Yes, I was thinking of the BC market when I posted the idea. I figured that there's enough people looking to hide in the forest these days and enough forest here to do it. I know it's enough engine to run an off-grid house and produce some heat; all with the fewest moving parts. I have wanted to visit the Gulf Islands for a long time (take that either way) but just never made it with being so busy. Way too busy, clearly.

As I see others actually use the clever username I came up with it starts to sound presumptuous or maybe just silly. I figured since I was listing a Lister(oid)... (see what I did there?).

People generally call me Chad so perhaps I'll go with that.