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Thoughts ?
I currently have 2 large automotive mufflers in a long 25 ft exhaust system on my Roid. (20 ft of that is outdoors)
The pipe is 2" diameter all the way.
It discharges into my back yard area. Almost silent but not to my satisfaction.
I am considering adding a 3rd large muffler at the end of the run.
Would this be too much back pressure for a Lister type?


Veg have you seen the exhaust length/diameter chart in the CS installation manuals?  Someone will be able to reference it for you.  I suspect it might want to be fatter as it gets longer?

Also the various "buried" ones?  Effectively silent


Hi Veggie, please see the text below cut and pasted from the listeroid 6/1 installation manual:

EXHAUST SYSTEM: A standard engine is fitted with an exhaust silencer. If the exhaust piping be extended to
the out side of the building up to a length of 3 meters, the exhaust silencer can be fitted on the end of iron
pipe screw 1 1/2 BSP.
If exhaust system is longer, following pipe size is recommended.
Pipe line: Up to 3 meter 38.0mm (1 , 4) Bore
3 to 6 meter 50.8 mm (2) bore
6 to 10 meters 63.5 mm (2) bore over
10 meters 76.Omm (3) bore
However, keep the exhaust system is as short as possible with a minimum number of bends and must be erected in
easily detachable sections to facilitate cleaning during overhaul. Never embed in concrete. A faulty system
can seriously reduce the power of the engine.


Hi Veggie, when I installed my ST2 startomatic the exhaust noise was way too much for my Wife. So I went and bought a dustbin, I dug a hole and dropped the bin into it. I connected the exhaust pipe into the top of the bin and fitted another flexible pipe to the bottom of the bin. I dug a trench about 20 feet long for the bottom pipe to sit in. I then surrounded the whole thing in concrete and put the top soil back over it all.

The exhaust is now silent, more than can be said for my Wife.



--- Quote from: glort on September 01, 2020, 09:38:53 AM ---Another way of reducing gas speed and increasing sound suppression would be to split the pipe and run another one with the mufflers in parallel rather than in series.  If practical, you could cut the pipe you have in half, put in a Y section with a Muffler on each end.

--- End quote ---

That's a good idea.!
I will look into doing that.

The system is very quite as-is, but neighbors and wife can still here a puff...puff...puff.
I don't mind it of course, but non-lister humans don't necessarily like it.

Digging a hole in my back garden is not an option at this time.


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