Author Topic: `GE Multilin Motor Protection  (Read 127 times)


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`GE Multilin Motor Protection
« on: August 29, 2020, 06:03:56 PM »
This is something that may interest Glort, one shown in the image is not mine but same model


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Re: `GE Multilin Motor Protection
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2020, 12:28:04 AM »

Yes, definitely interesting.
They sure do a lot of things!  Never really thought of a motor having so many functions or paramaters.
When I looked them up, I also saw references to them being used to control solar installs as a secondary protection to satisfy our regs for over 30 Kw. I'll have to look at how they are applying them some more.

I was just looking at fleabay and on the net. I am after a phase converter I think they call them. Single, or preferably twin phase to 3 phase.
Plenty around in low capacitys but I want something that will handle the Big ( thirsty) AC. They make them much bigger than I need but not so easy to find.
I'm making stupid power with my solar atm but can only feed back 2 Phases. Even the single phase I can't feed on the AC costs a lot to run.
I'm thinking to invest in one of these things which are like a VFD so I can feed the 3 phase AC off the 2 Phases I'm back feeding. As well as being a tight arse there would be satisfaction in it. ATM I have more than half my capacity shut down but still need to get power from the grid for the AC which does not sit well with the self sufficiency feeling. 

Have been heating the house for the last month just with fan heaters.  Crank 4 of them up through the place at night. I had to go map out all the outlets to see what circuit and phase they are on. I put each power circuit on each phase so the load is nicely spread. One end of the house is one circuit and the other half is on the other but I know which is which now.

The heating is OK as I'm making plenty of power but as my Mate in AC says, Plenty of ways to heat a house but only one way to cool it. another 2-3 Months and the AC will be cranking.
When this old AC claps out I'll get the Biggest they make in single phase put in which is a good few KW larger than what we have. Mate said that would be over kill. I said " Perfect!".

Because I only have enough to do around the place and projects for the next 100 years, I was thinking of seeing if I could get an old split system from him and have a play converting it to use the compressor from a car. I could make it either electric or engine driven.
Car compressors have about the same capacity as a mid size split so I think it should be ok, maybe with a little tweaking.