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Thanks Andre, I got it running again and tinkered with some things. I believe you are right about the air. After some higher speed running, it started to idle quite smooth, Well smooth may not be the correct word, as this thing at idle really bounces on its cart.  I can understand why they recommended a "YARD" of concrete....

I plan On doing an overhaul on this machine anyways, it needs a new rad, is covered with oil, and the return line from the injetor dose not go anywhere.

hotater, your right, I dont know what its doing. Of course unless something is actually broke, i wont know if it is worn out, or supposed to be sloppy. I would expect everything on this 71 year old engine to be worn out.  From what I have seen on other sites however this one looks to be in much better shape than most.

It was originaly used by an exploration company in BC. They used it as a generator for the camps. It came with the original 2.5kw genni, and a syncronous converter to convert ac to dc, or vise versa, and the control panel with a large rehostat.  It was supposed to have been overhauled and shortly there after put into storage, the second owner was going to power his estate in the camen isl. and he never got there, so he sold it to the gentleman I purchased it from..  Now I plan on putting better tires on the cart, and adding stearing so I can take it the fall fairs, and the local parade..  In between which it will power my hot tub, as I dont have the luxury of living next to a hot spring.. (I am envious)

I have the comp knob screwed in, the fuel pump leaver down, the exahust valve open, crank her over I can hear the squeak or clack and can feel the fuel being pumped through the injector line. but she just wont wont fire when I release the valve.  Unless I have the electric motor hooked up, and help it along, even then the motor slows and I have to give it a couple of trys.

So I will take it apart and let you know what I find..

Thanks to everyone for the help.  I just wanted to eliminate the obvious first.  Of course you know taking this apart will raise a whole bunch more questions...