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Hi Guys,
A bloke over here down in Tasmania has a HR2 air cooled 21HP Lister engine and is chasing a starter motor for it. He can buy from the UK but with freight is AU$1200.00.
Is there a aftermarket starter available or another starter motor off another UK engine? I am guessing the original was a Lucas, is this correct?

Ebay, about AU$320 shipped from USA.


Cheers ajaffa1 I will let him know where to look.

Hey there Cobba
I'm  newbie on this site, but as you know, previously active on other sites. Just read the post you put up for me last year. Thank you for that.

I've go another query now about a different motor.

best wishes, Tedly

Your welcome Tedly.
Best to start a new thread with each issue you have for each engine. That way things dont get confusing.


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