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I thought the combination of the engine - generator setting in the back of your "storage unit" sounded worthy of a photo or two.  If I were to build the same I'd ask "In what universe do you want this?" as it would be a mission impossible situation for me.  So if it's a pain in the arss - I get it.

Still a very nice story to read in the morning.


Apology for being short, iwould like to say it was not intentional but that would be somewhat disingenuous. So with that said, i will get some pic up with help from jr members of my village. I. Clarification if i may, the e250 is not my storage unit but my daily dirty clothes driver. The long suffering wife hates getting into it because it now smells like the airport. Trade off for having power during weather event? Never mind, that flag only got halfway up the pole. V

Hi Vista, nice story.
I too would like to see pics of your Redstone project please.


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