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Hello all, i have a redstone that was given to me out of deep storage from owner that has and is involved with large American iron that requires group participation, excavations,riggers and time. We tore this apart 10 or so years ago  to look for sand and deficiencies. Found little to cry about and made a feww adjustments, i fabricated the  eng shieve and he fabricated the base. Recently we lost the power on li ny for afew long days. The unit sat in back of e250 van and ran continuously off a 12gal gas caddy. Runs1300 rpm or so to make 60 cycle with 4k Stanford head.the house cooks,heats and drys close on street gas. Just noisy enough to get neighbor to fence with extension cord in hand. Plenty of bungee cords used to quiet the open van doors. The town was buzzing with 3600 rpm sets of all sizes and vintages. The worst had to be the aluminum flatheads.the new ohv models don't have that self destructing sound to them. VistaMKDH

Those Redstone's are a real beast of an engine.
Could probably run 24/7 for a year or two as long as the oil was changed regularly.
How the heck did you lift it into the back of a van ?  ;D

Veggie, the unit is bolted to a 6by24  y 5/8 box tubing. I have a lift with 72 inch forks on most of the time. The motor sits with head towards the back doors and the gen is towards the front. Its just ok weight  wise for an E250 ford. Loading is easy with the long forks to go S far forward  as possible. If loaded close to back doors, the headlights are inthe trees. This was spur of the  moment so i have no real fuel #s other than much less than anticipated. It would have no problem going  the nite on a 6 gal outboard tank.i used a 20 gal gas caddy because of the widespread tree damage on long island. Last storm sandy i used gas gens and keeping fuel was like buying wold series tickets the day of. Vista

One picture is worth so many words.  Even from you.  Nice story.

do you need to see a pic of what? the eng ? the mounted eng? the whole thing in the van? posting photos here is a pain in your knee, let me know and i will get a niece or a nephew to take them out of the phone and do the deed.      v


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