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What? Can be there a Bamford?

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Hi Gentles

Recently I've been told that an old olive oil plant could still have his stationary engine, but all roof of plant fall down and bush fire pass thru there, so no big hope on the site.

Nevertheless, a look on the site and wild bushes doesnt allowed to have a clue, and sun was outshine, as you can see on the pic.

But the shadow show something inside, and a slight curved line ressembled me to something familiar.

Grabbed a long scaffold lock tube to tap, and could identify a rectangular shape upside, and a narrower shape to downside (something like a chess tower), tapped harder down and definitely could hear a sound like does a fly rim.

That was all for that day.

Let see next episode.


Hi Gentles

New episode...

From top side bushes doesnt let to scrutinize what was down, and from near room door neither.

After almost an hour cutting bushes, finally the iron show itself.

What a nice piece - seized of course.

It's been seated for 65+ years. Its a SD4

The easy part is done, now the most difficult part will be negotiating with 15 heirs.

Let see if it comes with me.


Good luck dealing with Family who will view it as a gold mine and worth a million dollars. Hope that sanity can prevail and they let it go to a restorer who will save it.

Very nice treasure.  Good Luck.

What were you doing on their private property anyway.  I hope you know what I mean?

Hi Casey

Ive been there with one of the heirs!

I hope he convinces others. Fingers crossed!!!


PS: take a look of the site.


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