Author Topic: Lister cem governor to fast at idle after rebuild  (Read 456 times)


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Lister cem governor to fast at idle after rebuild
« on: November 15, 2020, 10:44:53 PM »
Hi, Iíve just rebuilt my 1939 Lister cem (the marine version of the ce) Iíll post a video documentary soon. Before rebuilt the idle was slow but irregular, and during rebuild I discovered that the springs on the governor weights were not there. (I had wondered what the clanking was at slow speed) on assembly I fitted the springs from a spare marine ce engine I have, and since then The governor does itís job well, although the slowest rpm it will work to is 560rpm, which in my boat and prop is to fast. Iíve heard rumours that Lister recommend idle of simular engines at 450rpm. Really Iíd like to achieve 250rpm which it runs happily at (but not governed) Iím thinking of adding weight to the governor weights, my idea is to build a test bench with the spare governor, Spin it to the current 560rpm make note of where it opens, then try and add weight until it opens more, then  setting the rpm on the test bench to the desired 250rpm, to the point that it will shut the fuel rack to run at the desired 250rpm. Does any have a view on this idea? Itís a big mission to get to the governor (remove flywheel etc) so I need to be confident it will work. Thanks guys


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Re: Lister cem governor to fast at idle after rebuild
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2020, 10:38:11 AM »
I would try weaker springs, easier fix and easy to get a hold of springs and make them the size you want. Or buy same length springs but a lighter gauge. Fortunately a local hardware chain store here in Oz has a good selection to choose from. I have bought springs for valves, including atmospheric valves, carbies and the latest has been some springs to suit the McDonald crude oil engine I just got running for the top and bottom needles in the Hivid/Brons injector.
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