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Lister Powered air compressor


Good morning all.

I have a good old trusty Lister powered BroomWade air compressor and its recently started to give me a couple of little problems with accumulation of water condensation in my air lines, this doesn't normally cause any problems but in recent weeks it has begun to become a major problem.
I have water trap filters in my air system and that hasn't really helped at all and it continues to cause a major problem as it is normally in use most days.

I use my air compressor for sand blasting and really having water in the system is causing the guns go block up which in turn makes for a frustrating and unnecessary delay in turning out my projects.

Any ideas on how to stop the compressor causing so much water condensation in the system?

Many thanks.

Refrigerated air dryer but your most economical solution would be to hand a burlap sack laying against the current dryer then trickle water down the burlap to make a swamp type cooler.

Another option, which I saw on another forum; get one of those 10" water filter housings (or better still, get a double or triple unit). Fill with colour-changing silica gel beads (orange when dry, green when saturated). Fit just before your gun airline. This should dry your output air sufficiently for the sandblaster.

When the gel becomes sufficiently wet that you start experiencing clogs again, remove the gel, bake in a low oven until orange again; then replace and continue. I assume there will come a time when the silica beads break down and become useless, but you should get many cycles out of it before you need to replace it completely.

Thanks Ade, I have spent about three or four hours today to disassemble the entire compressor air line system and left it to dry in the sun and then reassembled it and it worked fine for five or so hours and then it started blowing condensate again, However I managed to get some progress on my Lister SR2M project I have just started.

I have a good idea for a water trap system involving some old 1L fire extinguishers that have since gone out of date, Going to make a good mess as I have several of them.

I think if I cut the threaded neck off the top of the bottle and welded a piece of 3/4 steel tube in that forms the filter intake and goes to the bottom of the bottle but sits around half an inch off the bottom to allow an adequate flow rate and then cut a 3/4 hole near the top of the bottle in the side and welded a 3/4 fitting to it to form the outlet, this could then go to three or four other filters of the same design from the compressor unit it self, and maybe two more after the tank and one or two at the shot blaster end of the system.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this mad idea.



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