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Hi I've wanted a working SOM for years I've now got two which I can't seem to get as Lister intended the start-o-matic side to work when you have a light plugged in and switch the switch on.

I'm no good with all those complicated electrical bits would anyone be prepared to look over this and repair as necessary for me at my cost, paid job.
I cross my fingers..


Hi Steve,

Where are you based? Somewhere in the UK I'm guessing, if you've managed to nab two SOMs... (I also have two, but only one alternator/electrical system, and that doesn't work because the alternator shaft is bent and the starter windings are knackered).

Also, what's the engine - CS, LD, LR? <- Ignore that, it's in the subject line!!

Hi Ade
Thanks for your reply yes I should have added that Iím in the UK
Both my alternators work fine itís just the auto start that doesnít work it will start up and run on the button if I keep my finger on it..
Very frustrating..

In my experience dropping it off the deck of a truck does it just fine - ask me how I know  :(


--- Quote from: glort on July 10, 2020, 01:13:49 AM ---
--- Quote from: AdeV on July 09, 2020, 11:05:15 AM ---and that doesn't work because the alternator shaft is bent and the starter windings are knackered).
--- End quote ---
How the heck do you bend an alternator shaft ?

--- End quote ---

I have no idea! I can only think it got dropped at some point, the runout was quite spectacular. Unfortunately, I can't see any easy way to get the starter windings off it, in order to straighten or replace the shaft; although the windings are burnt out anyway. I don't know if that happened before or after it got bent, maybe before, and it got dropped while they were taking it off for repairs?

Either way... it's toast; I replaced it with an ST head I managed to get cheap on evilBay, added a pulley flywheel I got from a (former?) member here, to which I attached a flexplate off a mystery car, and an automotive starter to crank it. It works, kinda, but I need to rebuild the bracket it's all on, there's too much flex in the current one. Another one of those Round Tuit jobs...


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