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magneto man:
Has anyone got experience of using an airmotor to start various old single cylinder engines? I have seen a device being used to start F1 cars by shoving it into the engine rear, then applying air the detaching the device. Some thing like this would be great for firing up these engines as one get older, and finds turning them over getting more and more difficult.  It would need to be detachable so that it covered various engines.
What would be a likely HP and torque requirement say to start a Lister CS. As the compression can be removed there should not be too much load initially!
Any comments? cheers


In drag racing they use electric starters with Lipo battery packs so the things are all in ones.
For years I have used electric Drills with a socket on the end to start small engines.

I would go a fixed starter on a lister. If one were getting a bit beyond winding a Cs over by hand, I think the torque  reaction from hitting a starter of any kind is likely to be a bit much and then you would have to spin the thing up, remove the starter ( or hold it one hand) and then release the decompression. 

For those in the US, Golf cart starter generators would be a better Choice I would think.
I used to use a 2.5 Hp Electric motor with a 2" Pulley that went onto a belt over the CS flywheel.  Once the engine was running I flicked the belt off with a screwdriver.  Not advising such a rough setup but it did work OK.  One could use the same setup with a mains or battery starter motor with an overrun clutch from a car alternator/ AC unit.  They drive one way but over run when driven.
Having started a 6/1 like this, I have seen there IS a lot of load trying to get all that mass initially spinning , compression or not.
If You were the stationary force on a starter, I'd suggest like a post hole Digger, one would want long handles to offset the torque reaction.

Other thing for a CS would be like an old style Dozer and have a little petrol Pony motor which was fired up and and a clutch engaged ( or use a centrifugal Clutch ) to spin up the CS.

magneto man:
Thank you GLORT, food for thought.



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