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I am new here, I have a Changfa 1115 on the way. I need to match it to a genhead. I don't know where to start. Who has good sets, what should I look for?

my vote is for a ST10 or 12 kwatt

i am sure there will be folks to point you where they are available

what all are you trying to do with it?  120/240 ac,,, drive anything else? compressors, alternators? pumps?

bob g

I live in South Mississippi, after Katrina I want something better than a gas generator. I have a good supply of waste veggie oil and waste motor oil.

well the changfa will run happily on a 50/50 mix of well filtered motor oil and diesel, a bit harder to start but comes up to temp and runs very well at that level.

i would probably recommend a belt drive running the engine at 1500 rpm or so,, they seem to be a bit quieter and smoother at that rpm.

your going to need a better and larger pulley than the one supplied with the engine to over drive the gen head to 1800 in my opinion

check ebay for the st heads

or from this guy,,, i have dealt with him and he is a good guy

i am sure there are other suppliers closer to you.

also check out

george has alot of info on the changfa and the ST heads on his site
he also has some cool upgrade parts for the changfa engines, such as water manifolds and tstats, drive pulleys, and all sorts of other stuff.. great guy

bob g

closer to you

bob g


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