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Has anyone heard of this or used it before? Is it worth it? I'm new to listers and alternative fuels so any help is appreciated!

Andre Blanchard:
Maybe just a hint as to what additive you are looking at. ;)

My bad! I thought I put this link in here! It is:!5051&keyword=%28vegetable+oil%29&match_type=&gclid=CP75r8yPzIYCFRogUAod31Cm5w

I am sure there are others!

Any product that won't tell you how it works probably isn't worth buying....


I did some reading on that product... Run a google search and review some of the forum threads out there. It has been pretty well knocked down by most people running vegitable oil. It is widely assumed to be pretty much ordinary solvent used to reduce the viscosity of the oil. I have not seen a definative post of the actual ingrediants, but like I said odds are it is mostly solvent you can buy at the hardware store paint section (or in drums) for a lot less than the secret recipe  ;)


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