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Diesel in sump

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I have a Lister STW three cylinder engine which is leaking diesel into the sump (the oil level is rising, albeit slowly).
I don't know if there's a leak in the fuel system or it's caused by glazed cylinders.
I don't feel confident enough to deal with it myself, so is there a lister expert in the Banbury, Daventry, Coventy area who could help please?
Many thanks.

This is something you could look at the easy fixes yourself, and get an expert involved if they do not fix the problem.

The sequence of leak checking is as follows (easy to hard)

Does the engine have a lift pump, if so take a look at the lift pump diaphragm as these do fail quite frequently

Take off the rocker covers, and check the tightness of the the injector cap nuts

Take off the injector clamp bridges, and check the rubber bung in the injector cap nuts is not leaking (they tend to break up over time)

Take a look at the leak off pipe and fittings, as they will now be accessible.

Remove the injection pump inspection door, and check tightness of banjo bolts on fuel inlet to each fuel pump

Check tightness of fuel pump bleed screws

Check tightness of delivery valve holders on each fuel pump

Replace Dowty washers on injector pump banjo bolts

If the leak still persists after all of the above, then your into fuel pump strip down territory (not difficult if you know what your doing).


I'd think if it was blowing by the rings in the cylinders, you'd be getting lots of gunk visible in the exhaust.

scott p:
Here is something that might help

Have you sniffed around for fuel?  Does the dipstick smell like diesel?  Isn't there a dye you can put in the oil as a one time test?  Too simplistic?


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