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Stirling engine revolution

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--- Quote from: StrawHat on March 20, 2020, 11:30:38 PM ---

I mentioned the free piston type engine, very simple in construction. Very complicated calculations needed to design.  Only two moving parts, no cranks, or bearings. Pistons are gas floated or magnetic floated. Most efficient of all concepts. The Thermoacoustic concept has NO moving parts but is a little less efficient. About 30%-35% at best, but hey, that's as good as most diesels. Good design principles are always needed, and I see a lot of amateur engineering used for testing these engines, with the expected bad numbers emerging from these tests.

The machine work and shapes are very simple. The dimensions are not simple to calculate if a viable machine is expected. All dimensions and the weights of the two moving parts are very important. Dimensional tolerances will not be extremely tight however. Material choices and assembly techniques (I.E. welding processes) will be very important. Working gas will be extremely important with high pressure helium the best.

Also, a well built free piston engine (hermetically sealed system) will last 30 years or more.

I am posting all of this info for all off gridder's out there that need a good sustainable low or no maintenance power source.

Who knows, with this virus stuff going around we might all need to live isolated in the woods like our pioneers did for a while.

--- End quote ---

Necro-revival here....
Snipped out some of your quote Strawhat.. sorry..

I cannot understand why this has never commercially been realized. This stuff was well proven in the 80's by William Beale/SUNPOWER, and showcased with their BioWatt machine for developing countries.

IIRC, 1kw electric production, ???watts heat...
60 Hz Ac
0.5 seconds to stabilize,
He really had all this shit worked out.

I'm an off-gridder and have always wanted some external combustion generator/CHP as waste combustibles are here aplenty.

I still have not seen a economically viable system yet, 25 years of looking waiting :-(
Anything I've seen was either Vapoware or calls for investors..


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