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Re: Car engine ignition conversion
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Done a couple of those F&P's as generators. The first one I rewired to 7 Phase, 24V I think it was.  Gave it to a matte for a wind turbine but living in the bush isn't great for that.
He makes carbon fibre materials for the aerospace industry.  He wanted to knock some blades up with some left over material that was going for a cook so designed something quick off the top of his head based on some Ideas he had read about and put them through.
They have some sort of aerodynamics computer where he works which he wanted to use but was busy at the time before hand. About a week after he had the blades he put his design through the computer and it came back they were something like 2% away from maximum efficiency which had him a very happy boy.

We both learned you need BIG blades to make a couple of KW even with decent wind. 

I made a 240v Genny as well with one of these motors but threw it out when I moved as I didn't think I'd be still playing with this stuff.
I have another one in the garage the neighbour gave me about 12 Months ago I haven't touched yet. It's a later motor with the smaller diameter windings like they all are now.

The F7P motors are good but having had a couple as well as Neighbours, the crappy electronic control boards let them down badly.  Very common problem is a blocked water pump which overloads the Circuit board and fried components. They want sill money to repair them which I'm sure is a 10 min job and  $1.37 in components but they charge what they can get and they get it.

One of Surplus the engines is " Sold" .

My daughters car needs the timing belt and Pulleys done which is a bitch of a job in her car and mechanics want a fortune to do it.
There is an engine with 20,000 Km on it up there so My father said just as easy to pull the old engine and box which have about 140, 000Km on them and swap them for the low Mileage one.  Take me about 2 Hours to get the old one out as I have to disconnect rather than cut everything out and maybe 3 Hours to get it all back in.  We'll swap the diff as well seeing it's not a big job and then all the running  gear will be very low KM.

Wouldn't be that much more effort just to drop the front and rear cradles and put the whole suspension in.
Did that with my Dads  car before Christmas. He thought it was a big job but seemed very straightforward and easy to me.
Far less Fiddly stuff. Back end is held in with just 6 bolts!