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Inverter question - Resistive loads

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Can I run an emersion heater from an inverter? or is this bad for the FET's ?
I have a DC system with a small diesel to keep it charged and it can run when loads are applied also.
The DC alternator is rated 140 amps and should be able to keep up to a 1.5kw drain.
How do mod-sine wave and pure sine wave inverters react to resistive loads.?
In this case, a 4KW, 120 volt inverter and a 1.5 kw, 120 volt heating element.

What an interesting question.  We're grid tied so from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM I would think our SMA 6 KW 240 volt inverter carries our electric hot water tank most days.  Ignorance can be a beautiful thing.

Hugh Conway:
Veggie: I have run a heat gun, mu wife using an electric iron for a few minutes using my battery bank and inverter (24V, 4000W) The inverter complains.
With the 6/1 turning the PMG (120/240V), and powering the heat gun, or an electric heater, it is fine

Just because an alternator is rated at 140A, does not mean it's spinning at the right speed to generate 140A.

But yes, a immersion heater is a purely resistive load, and should not pose any problems for a mod sine or pure sine inverter, rated to deliver 130% of the load.
If your heater is 1500w, you inverter should be spec'd to about 2,000 w so it is less likely to over heat.
1500w is 125A, so that's a beefy load, and your battery/inverter cables need to be able to carry it without resistive losses.


--- Quote from: mike90045 on January 16, 2020, 03:50:02 AM ---Just because an alternator is rated at 140A, does not mean it's spinning at the right speed to generate 140A.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, I am aware of that Mike90045.
It's a Leese Neville.
I have the factory performance curve showing speed vs. output vs. required HP.
Alternator speed and output are mapped to the engine speed and output.
It can make 120 amps if needed.


Glort: "Resistive loads are the easiest, gentlest loads you can have.  Anything will drive them happily. It's inductive and switching loads that pose the challenges. "

That's good to know about the resistive loads. Thanks.
Flywheel diameter and alternator pulley have all been worked out back when the unit was built.


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