Author Topic: SR-1 fuel leak-off tube -- tee style  (Read 449 times)


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SR-1 fuel leak-off tube -- tee style
« on: October 18, 2019, 04:37:26 AM »
Kinda looks like a piece of seaweed--but honestly, it came out of the head
of an SR-1. :)  As you can see, I patched it, but I'd like to replace it 

Anyone know of a source?  Or any tips for fab?   

I don't know the official name, but I call it the fuel leak-off valve--tee style.
(a.k.a. "The Magic Motor Oil Multiplier").  :-\

Apparently different SR-1 variants had different plumbing. The manual shows
a single pipe from fuel injector, exiting front left corner of head.    But as you
can see, this engine drains both the fuel injector and fuel injector pump
(via a banjo fitting) though the same pipe, which passes out the right side
of the head (via a notch in the seat for the cover).

The tee is located close to the push rods for the rockers--not much room for
anything  but a solder joint..  Sure would be nice to move that tee outside the head!

I suppose I could re-route the leak-off tube from the fuel injector pump out through
the housing cover.. I'd have to file a notch in either seat or the cover. Hate to
do that,  if there's some better option.

All suggestions welcome.  Thanks!