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Visa debit was OK for me.


Looks like visa debit wasn't ok for me, so I just did it again

Worth it for the 'Bump' alone!

Seasons Etc.


Sounds like Oz is suffering the same problems we here in the UK suffer - houses in inappropriate places, and owners aren't allowed to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. Here in the UK we rarely suffer from wildfires (although in 2018, we had a rare and very hot/dry summer, and there were a few moderately dangerous fires up on the moors around Manchester), our particular poison is flooding. So for years, developers have been building houses on the floodplains of rivers; then acting all surprised when said houses end up in 6ft of water whenever it rains hard. Cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but absolutely no taking of responsibility.

IMHO, responsibility falls in the following order:
 - The owner - for being daft enough to not realise what the word "floodplain" means
 - The developer, for building the house there in the first place
 - The local parasites government officials, for granting permission to the developer in the first place

These days, one of the first questions you get asked when taking out home insurance is: Has you house ever flooded? If yes = kiss your insurance goodbye. The knock on effect, of course, means that houses that have suffered flooding are suddenly relatively worthless & thus snapped up by people who can barely afford them anyway. And guess who's first to go wailing to the news camera crews when the inevitable happens? And guess who they blame (hint: It's not themselves)?

Fortunately, my house is on top of a bit of a hill; and I've got a massive 60ft x 60ft drain in my back garden (aka the Mersey Tunnel :D); it will take a shitload of rain before I suffer any flooding problems!

I see the money is almost there.
Just added $400.

Hi Gentles

In these times when everything is more difficult, we must also give support and solidarity to those who have lost everything, and above all, they are now looking to be reborn from the ashes - and now even more with this new misfortune that shows that there is nothing that is bad, and that it can't get any worse.

Bob and Narelle are doing their part - let's be generous and help them to raise the house.

Here are some pictures that show that hope does not die.

Cheers, and stay all safe.

PS: Subtitles are what my eyes see, they may not correspond to what the subjects feel.

1 - Still here... and Narelle too.
2 - Memoirs under the tin.
3 - Narelle's pergola too.
4 - Start all over again.
5 - A gesture of solidarity ... that is not forgotten.
6 - Today ... start to heal the wounds.


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