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Are these Redstone diesels?

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Yes Glort, I plan to plumb the thing in with the woodboiler's storage tank. I figure that if the lights go out, I might as well get all the bang for my buck that I can. Besides, I scored a couple of super cool antique brass and copper shell and tube exchangers, I wouldn't want them to go to waste.


anyone else notice these on ebay? they look a heck of a lot like redstones.. maybe im wrong.

 Not a redstone. Redstones have 2 flywheels.

old seagull man:
A couple of pictures off the Mighty Redstone.


--- Quote from: glort on January 05, 2020, 10:31:57 AM ---
They do look like the common Changfa type clones with an extra flywheel.
Was there anything specific about the redstones that gave them the reputation they have ( other than twin lister style flywheels) or are the single  flywheel clones as good?

Anyone know if twin wheel China clone engines are available?

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Yes. They are available here...

Although I went to other main suppliers of Changfa style engines and could not find them.
JiangDong usually has all the styles
but they do not have the double flywheel.
I wonder if that double wheel unit is a previous generation and just a few plants are left building them?


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