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Can anyone identify this?

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I bought this old consaw it wont start, good spark and good compression I think it needs a carburettor. It's supposed to be a Husqvarna. Hoping one of you guys can identify it. thanks

photos are on dropbox link below

Looks like a Dolmar 309 or similar


--- Quote from: Willw on November 23, 2019, 05:01:39 PM ---Looks like a Dolmar 309 or similar

--- End quote ---

Fast response and on the money, thank you very much!

Possibly a Dolmar 343, I am not familiar with these so do your comparisons.

Apparently the 309 and 343 might use the same carb, but check that the one you have is the same brand and part number as the kit.
Often times we get away with only changing the rubber metering diaphragm and adjusting the mixture screws; for which you possibly need a special tool.


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