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What people throw away.
« on: December 23, 2019, 09:29:24 PM »

Was trolling round a small factory Complex on Sunday night on the way home looking for some timber that is used in large crates.
Saw some stacks of what I thought was shelving dumped with some other rubbish in front of the skip bins.  On closer inspection (Luckily I always have a good torch in the car) turned out to be stacks of Solar Panels!

A lot of them were smashed and many of them looked like they have been smashed with a sledge Hammer, but I managed to Pick up 10 brand new 360W panels, 10 used and dirty 235W panels and a couple of orphans that look new as well. There is also 4/5 odd used panels still there I didn't have room for.  Mate has a place in the complex and I rang him and he said they were dumped there days ago.
I asked him why the Hell He didn't ring me and let me know? His reply was you already have the place covered in the bloody things, how many more you damn well want?

He was surprised when I told him some of them were brand new and better panels than anything I had. He asked the question I was wondering, why would anyone dump good panels? The new ones must be worth $300 ea.
Went back and had another look an there is a whole stack of the 360W panels all broken. Each and every one. There is also a stack of used panels many of which look like they have had steel cricket balls hurled at them repeatedly. Haven't heard reports of hail here in over a year and if that was hail, cars must have had holes punched through them.

Quite a good, unexpected and Mysterious score. Looks like some installers have had a clean out and dumped these. I can understand maybe the shattered ones but perfectly good clearly New panels that were mixed with the broken ones?? There is also a lot of racking there.
I'll be back to do my community Minded duty and clean that up over Christmas! I don't use it for panels but I was thinking of putting a lean to on the garage for some extra space for machinery or put the car under and I can double up on this stuff for a frame work and  make the roof out of panels.

This is definitely one of my best scores in a while.  I have done very well before dumpster diving around factories especially this time of year. I think a lot of places have cleanouts and the old adage of one many trash is another mans treasure continues to prove itself as one of the most truthful sayings ever. I'm hoping more panels may show up there but It's probably going to be a long time if they do. Probably as I said some questionable installer ( endless amount of them here) clearing out space in their factory ( no installers round there though) and it would be pretty stupid to dump stuff in the same place too often.  Wish I knew who did it, I'd tell them to come dump their spare panels and racking at my place.

I'll see if the scrappy is open this morning and if so ask if they pay anything for panels. If they do and it's worth while, I may go get the broken panels and do the complex owners a favour and clean up the dumped stuff for them.
I know, it's just the community minded kids of selfless guy I am!   :angel: