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Essential Oil Dissitilation

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I'm starting off with a 30 gallon still, the top has been opened up by removing the top a stainless steel ring will be welded to the tank.

The wide mouth will make emptying the tank and reloading a simple operation, I have cut two identical plates that will bolt onto the top of the tank, One plate is fitted with a simple outlet for the steam leading to a condenser.

The other plate has a taller stainless tank affixed to it which will be used as a re-flux column for processing spirits.

The tank has a threaded inlet near the bottom, when its being used to distill essential oils steam will be injected on this port. For spirits a threaded electrical heater element will be in inserted into the port.

A friend gave me a wood heater, the top will have a hole cut into it then a home made steam boiler attached. Very similar in construction to the type of steam boiler you would see powering a steam engine.

The only difference is that I do not need a head of steam, a few psi coming off an open boiler is all that is needed.

I live rural and have a well that does not produce much water, I have a refrigerated are dryer that was intended to remove the moisture from compressed air. Instead it will be used to cool my condenser water which will be recycled.

The local butcher shop has a basement full of coal briquettes that are free for the taking, then there's plenty of wood available from newly purchased farm land then also I'll have my own waste to use for fuel.

I have thought of using the Petter generator to supply the electrical needs of the still and cooling of the condenser water. With everything trailer mounted I could take the while unit into the woods to process logging waste.

A simple spark arrestor attached to the exhaust system would satisfy forestry officials.

If the 30 gallon still shows promise of a profit this operation is easily expanded.

Bits and pieces.

Sight glass for the steam generator next are the stainless steel tank the larger one will be used for the reflux.

Holes have been drilled into the bottom to allow spirits free passage.

Steam generator shell, this will be cut to length then have the boiler tubes installed before its placed onto the wood heater.

The silage chopper as found, $75.00 later I own it.

Another $75.00 for the complete swather, the VG4D had four stuck open exhaust valves which are now freed up. I heated the valve heads and stems just to a temperature to be uncomfortable to the touch.

Let them cool then hit them again with the heat, over a period of a couple of day the constant expansion and contracting enough penetrating oil made it way down into the guides.

This engine will be used to power the silage chipper.

Pictures below the Wisconsin showing how the old gasoline had turned to bitumen.

The Natives at Bella Coola BC operate a small essential oil still, they were kind enough the send me some literature along with a few pictures.

The distillation is done with steam and the large vessel is emptied via a hand cranked gear reducer to tip the contents out.

In these pictures they're distilling cedar oil.


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