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There are three of these Kubota EA300s I have found for sale in my area for around $300-$500. Seems like a good deal, does anyone have any experience with them?

old seagull man:

Info and manuals.

Thank you.

Just updated the links for the service and parts manuals.

The original links would not open.
They should open up now.


The EA300 and EA330 engines are some of my favorites. Had one of each and they loved running between 2600 -2800 rpm. My opinion is both engines had more fuel knock below 2600 than I liked.

The EL300 is another one. They look almost the same.
The maximum rated rpm is 2000. I do know they are timed 22deg. BTDC. Probably to help with less fuel knock at lower RPM’s.
There might be some internal differences. Never saw the inside of one.
The EL300 would be the one to find if someone is planning to build a small slow running genset.

The EA300 might be able to run at lower speeds like the EL300 by Setting back the timing 3-1/2 degrees. And setting the governor speed to 2000.


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