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Securing the site
« on: October 19, 2019, 05:50:13 PM »
Today, I finally got around to changing the site to use HTTPS (HTTP Secure, using SSL - Secure Sockets Layer). Apologies if you noticed any glitching while I figured out that I needed to update the theme URLs as well (oops  :-[).

You can see if a site is fully secured by looking for the "padlock" next to the URL. If it's not there.... then something's not secure. Probably an image. If you host your own avatar (like I do, it's linked from Coppermine), please check to see if you're using "http://" or "https://" as the address. if the former, changing it would be wise (but it's not mandatory).

I've just noticed the smileys aren't on https:// yet... so I'll go do that now.

If anyone has any problems viewing the forum, please drop me a PM or reply here, and I'll try to sort it out. But note that I'm not going trawling through 3000+ member records looking for http:// links!
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