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Hello all I overheated my 6-1 and used my spare head gasket. I seem to have damaged the fuel nozzle as it squirts a stream now. I also see much less compression probably from a thicker head gasket. I am looking to buy a few nozzles, some head gaskets and an adjustable decompression valve to raise compression for starting. I cant seem to find parts anywhere. Does anyone know how to get parts? Thank you

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but no way your low compression is due to a thicker head gasket.  You likely have valve and/or ring damage.  Listening carefully at intake and exhaust should tell you about the valves.

You forgot to mention your location; in the US,  Gary at Diesel Electric Services is a great source for all Lister related parts.

There is also, who have the Listeroid CS parts.

Thank you I will try Gary. I do think the valves are ok, broken ring is possible and I didn't check for that. the location is northern Michigan.

The nozzle I replaced and now it starts easily despite what I thought was too low of compression. I may just seem to be when it wont start. I still need to locate head gasket spares that do not have extra holes between the main 2.  Engine is a powersolutions -jkson 2005 model 6-1. I had a lot of difficulty in getting coolant to circulate as in airlocked but got it eventually and now it transfers heat.

Central Maine Diesel or Jim Calder up in Canada @ just live off grid. They both deal in Listeroids.


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