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Lister AD1 seized bryce fuel pump


Hi All

First post and a bit of a long winded one but if it helps somebody else then its worth it!
I bought an old stothert and Pitt roller fitted with an AD1 Lister which cranked over and had good compression but had not been started for about 5 years, troubleshooting indicated no fuel out of the delivery side of the pump and after stripping to down to access the bryce pump I could not get the pump out, downloaded a manual from petter and followed the steps, tdc and run lever in 10* of centre and it would still not come out! Brain idea, ill buy another engine and just swap them over, exactly the same thing with this Lister AD1 which is ex military with cold start primer on, took the side cover off which exposes the timing gear and the stop run lever was not moving the rack, few gentle taps with a bar and hammer and the rack moved into the middle enough to allow the pump to be drawn out, first lister I've worked on and it was a real head scratcher as no one mentioned that the rack could be stuck to the side and without stripping off the side I would never have known as the stop run lever was moving through full rotation.
Hope this helps somebody and I'm sure i will be back on looking for more help


G'Day Ian,
Welcome to the forum and that is a good tip and helpful even to those who tend to over look the basic stuff at times so a reminder is a good thing so thanks.
I'm guessing that you are now up and running and playing with your new toy.

Hi Cobbadog

Not quite running yet, freed off the pump and thought it was pumping but ran out of puff swinging it over!
Are you the same cobbadog with the liner roughrider dumper from classic machinery?


Yes mate that is me.

To make it easier for you to swing the engine over I remove the injector/s and reconnect them so that you can view the spray when it is pressurized. What I have done is with the injector out start turning the engine over until you get the injector line full of fuel than connect the injector back up and swing away again. This will show you that you have fuel and enough prussure to do the job.


When I did a similar job on our CD 8hp Lister I thought that the pump was still not good enough as it would only put enough fuel out the pipe to dribble a bit. Connected the injector and it sprayed like a champion. Reason is a small amount of fuel pushed through the line is ample to be forced through the extremely small holes in the nozzle.


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