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Why it is bad to use motor oil as fuel !.





That was a great video. Boss was probably gone that day.

I went to an auto/diesel tech school back in the 90's. We had a large covered area with dozens of different diesel engines on stands that where started daily. There was a sideways 8V71 detroit with twin turbos and a roots style super charger. Well, a student was setting the injector racks and the teacher did not check for fuel return before starting it. Basically he held it full fuel to start but when it started it stayed in fuel fuel. I was about 20 feet away. I will tell you that thing put out so much smoke, with in a few seconds, I could not see anything. You could feel the ground shaking. Those near ran away and the teacher stayed, taking off the valve covers and was able get the fuel shut off. It seamed like it took at least a minute. He's lucky the supercharger didn't explode next to his head. The engine noise was impressive. The tale tale on the tach read just under 4,000 RPM which is allot for that motor.

Needs another high pressure cylinder as  ballast/bumper, it might not jump around so much

Once it has burnt all the oil in the sump it'll eventually stop lol

Anyone playing with these old engines needs to get themselves a piece of old rubber conveyor belt around a half inch thick. Before starting the engine, remove the air filter and ensure you have a flat surface on which to fit the conveyor belt. An engine without air will stop pretty dam quick regardless of what it is burning.

Loved the video, respect for those guys who sorted it out rather than running like F*ck



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