Author Topic: LD1 Start-O-Matic modified to manual start  (Read 3190 times)


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Re: LD1 Start-O-Matic modified to manual start
« Reply #15 on: December 01, 2019, 08:03:00 AM »
OK, I have made some progress in resurrecting my LD1 SOM. The fuel solenoid, Decompression solenoid and their associated linkages had been removed from this unit. Luckily, the bracket that supports all these was still there.

I have now fabricated the linkages from drawings and photos I took of an original unit and I am about to start fitting up an ex-aircraft 24v DC solenoid for the fuel control. This solenoid appears to be rated for continuous service and it will hold in on 12v but I donít think it will pull in under load at that voltage. The LD1 SOM starting system is only 12v.

To overcome that, I am building a small circuit board that, due to some clever electronics, momentarily doubles the supply voltage at itís output and then drops back to the supply voltage level.

I still have to locate a 230v ac solenoid for the decompression. I understand some older washing machines used one for the spin brake but so far I have not been able to locate one.

On the generator side of things, I have stripped out the top cubical, numbering all the wires as I went, and have cleaned all the components up ready to go back in. The starter solenoid was missing but I have obtained a generic starter solenoid that will fit in. Presently, I am freeing up some stuck brushes around the commutator, cleaning all the terminals as I go and verifying the integrity of the wires back to the cubical.

So, slow progress but at least itís moving forward.