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Lost 38AC stuff on Camshaft Understanding

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When I bought a CS a while ago in which the cam turned out to have been installed 90 degrees out of whack - several folk here gave me good practical advice, for which I continue to be very grateful

In the course of gaining an understanding I cut-and-pasted all the dialogue back-and-forth from Butch' thread on Camshaft Understanding and saved it as a word doc.  Then I deleted all the redundancies, re-quoted bits, random anecdotes etc (an illuminating process as 90% of the text contributed nothing except to show that we humans are the sort of animal that enjoys communication  QED, I think)

I attach the doc here

Ade - is it OK to do this?  It's not violating the spirit of whatever Butch was wanting to do when he removed his texts?  If it is - please just delete

I'll be surprised if others haven't done similar with other thread stuff


Hi Mike, well done for saving that information, I hope you haven`t infringed on anyone`s personal copyright or anything like that. At the time you copied the information it was freely available on the forum.

I just checked YouTube and there are still some videos that were posted under the handle "the38ac". I hope he doesn`t intend to take them down as they are very good.


Yes, I have watched them many a time when wondering "how to" some engine job

I imagine Ade will sing out if I have infringed.  Cheers

Hi guys

Do not be afraid. I have already noticed that Butch had been hurted by some attitudes that some have had with him.

One cannot always be contradicting everything and everyone. We each have their own point of view and experience ... in different corners of the world.

And each case is a case.

Did the LEF get poorer with Butch's slaming the door? Of course it did!

Just my thoughts.

Have a safe day.


You sir, are a star! Many thanks, and I have no problem with it at all.

Butch - if you want me to remove this PDF, please contact me and I'll take it down; but in the meantime, I'll leave it here.



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