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Macksville rusty iron festival


Hi Guys, sorry for not posting much recently, been busy. I have been at the Macksville rusty engine rally. The call went out, last year, to beat the world record for the number of old stationary engines running simultaneously. The previous record was held by South Africa with 207 running for 10 minutes. Today Australia managed 333 old stationary engines running at the same time for 10 minutes! We could probably have got close to 400 but we had a few non starters. I will probably be coughing up the fumes and smoke for weeks to come.  :laugh:

So I guess that throws out the challenge to those of you in the rest of world, can you do better?


A few pics of some of my favorites:

A few more photos:


That's awesome Bob! What a sweet sound that would have been.
Thinking it could be something to drag all my engines out one day and fire them all up together. I'd be able to count them then to see how many I have got now.  :embarassed:

I'm looking forward to going to the big Clarendon engine rally in a couple of weeks.  I love looking at the line of portable steamers.  One of my type of ultimate engines, a steamer and a gas Turbine. about as opposite end of the scale as they get. There was a guy at the show couple of years back that built himself a Turbocharger Turbine that was pretty Impressive. I have a Massive Turbo up the back I got to Build one of these. The one the guy had was largish normal size, the one I have is so big I have great difficulty in picking it up and carrying it any distance.

Was talking to the guy who does not live far from me but he didn't seem very interested in keeping in contact and giving any help.  Maybe one Build was enough for him. One thing I did like was he was running his engine on Kero rather than LPG. He designed the burner himself as that was what he did for a job and thought it all very basic.  Combustor is the one thing that's really held me back on this because I know it's Critical and really the heart of the whole setup.

I'd love a steamer as well but with what goes into them, buying a Turbine might be cheaper!

I'll have a look on YT for some vids of the record run. Did you take your engine?

Hi Glort, sadly I did not show any of my engines but I did join in with a couple of groups that did show theirs.

I would dearly love to have something that ran on steam.


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