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Cold energy Storage MkIII

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Hi Buddy, a trick known to every Pommie gardener with a fish pond in the back yard is to throw in a football in winter. The expanding ice crushes the football rather than busting the concrete/GRP pond liner.

Perhaps you should be lining your freezer tank with polystyrene or bubble wrap, might not be enough to cope with the expansion issues but adding one of those cheap inflatable swimming pool balls would probably be adequate.



I was thinking of some thing to take up the expansion but never thought of a Ball.
Perhaps a Bunch of something like tennis balls would be better given the volume of a Fridge Freezer.
Perhaps a soft inflated Basket ball that was submerged into the middle of the vessel would be good too and allow more compression area?
Other thing I thought of was those Pool noodles.  Styrofoam came to mind but I thought that would crush down and not return. The pool noodle stuff is very spongy.

Never thought about this before but having mentioned it, seems like I might have been lucky with the terra cotta bird baths around the place in winter. Then again, they only freeze about an inch on the top rather than right through.  Thank heavens for that!

If you can get down to -20c or so with a saline solution remaining liquid, how about burying an IBC container surrounded by re purposed polystyrene packing in the garden / under the garage / shed etc.?

Probably not the most efficient but you'd have a large thermal mass with no danger of it splitting and wouldn't cost a lot either.



That's a very good suggestions Stef. I was thinking about an IBC if I could get some cool room panel or some of that thick building foam to encase one.
An IBC would allow for loads of capacity and also give a good thermal mass for heating as well. Could get decent heat storage without the need to have the water too hot.

I have a bit of garden I could put the IBC in not far from where I was thinking to locate the thermal storage.  Would not be too far to run pipes and I could run them underground with no problems.

Very much like the idea of burying an IBC, should give a very good thermal mass for both hot and cold storage provided it is well insulated. It might be a good idea to ensure that you have sufficient space to increase the capacity by burying a second at a later date.

Looking forward to hearing how well this works.



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