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I would like to remove the flywheel on my LR1. I see that it has a 2 1/4" AF bolt (57mm)

I dont have a socket that size so decided to look for one on the usual websites. Not only do they seem quite rare, they are expensive - 40 plus

How do members get these off?

Hi Avondale

Welcome to the old stuff aboriginal world. It's not only the socket you need, you will need also a torque wrench to snug nut to the OEM spec. And other rare parts, expensive at this time.

The word of order is digging and scavenging.

Have a good week

PS: a M28 socket cost me today 10, to fit 1.1/8" Lister CS head nuts.

Unfortunately you do need the right size socket so start asking about with your friends or see if you can hire the size you want. If hiring, you will want to be able to remove the flywheel and bolt it back up on the same day so you don't have 2 days hire.

Out of curiosity why do you need to remove the flywheel?

You could also make one. Mine was 3/8X1/8 flat welded in a piece of 65mm pipe and an old socket welded in the other end for the 3/4 drive. You're probably only going to use it once or twice.

Maybe there is an automotive FWD socket that is the right size, that's what I had to get for my battery terminal bolts


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