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Measuring Running Engine Load


I'm working on a project where I will be using a Changfa 195 burning
waste oil to drive a DC generator which in turn will power a grid tie
inverter and also an air compressor to supplement my main compressor
since it has excess hp over what the generator needs.  I've read that
engines do better running hard and hot on waste oil.  Do you have any
ideas about how to measure running load on the engine so the load can be
kept fairly heavy using a heating element?  As a pilot, my first thought
was to measure manifold pressure which gives a good indication of engine
load on an airplane with a constant speed prop but diesels don't have
manifold pressure per say.

get a thermcouple or pyrometer and measure the exhaust manifold temperature.  Warm it up with a known load, and you have your target.

On my 6/1, 320F seems to be a good hot running temp at about 2800 watts

Excellent idea!  Thank you


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