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Re: Lister must do's when first taken home
« Reply #45 on: September 06, 2006, 02:30:39 AM »
Lots of good thoughts on oil.

I would point out that I said that my situation is that we are in a very mild climate - Almost no frost and  it does get quite hot. If there is serious cold, (like Laramie wyo) then it's obvious that a 40# oil is inappropriate. (40# is about like tar, especially if there's any moisture in it, at really cold temperatures.)

I used to live in Laramie - penzoil 10-40 wouldn't flow in a dodge 318, but the motor would start....almost instant bearing wipe! 20, maybe 30 below....people said it got to 40 below. I wonder. Anyway, we stoped using penzoil...

The Corola does worry us a bit in winter, (engine block temperature on start perhaps 45 degrees, mostly) with 40#, the mfg says multiweight - and yes, of course cold starts are part of his reason - but mileage is also a lot of it. We let the engine run unloaded, as we do all engines, for a minute or more. Anyway the cam lobes look fine - and that's where lube tends to fail in cold starts...  Delo is fine for gasoline engines calling for API SL, so says chevron. The corola calls for API SL oil. My reason for sticking with delo in a single weight is twofold: 1) simplicity, and 2) I have had multiweights clabber up in the piston rings and generally gunk up an engine. I'd rather take the time to warm 'em up than take the time to overhaul...

There's a worthwhile paper on the subject at

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