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This is only like the ultimate library of "how to"

there is a shop in bath that stocks their books and many others, I avoid it like the plague...

awe comon Guy:

the linsay books have their place,,, especially for ideas or a starting point on a journey of discovery.

alot of their books have at least some rudimentary information that can get a guy moving, like wow,
they used to do it that way?  hmmmm maybe i could do it too?

far easier to start there than with a 3 inch thick technical or engineering text, wouldnt you say for the average guy?

for instance if faced with drilling a large hole thru a piece of steel way out in the boondocks, a large percentage of folks
would not even think that perhaps they could make their own drill bit, using only very rude tooling. but in an old lindsey book one can learn not only how to make one, but use it properly and get the job done. i know this to be true because i built a 2 inch bit to drill thru a piece of frame steel  out of a piece of tire iron in under 10 minutes! it not only worked but worked exceptionally well. besides how many folks can justify the expense of a 2 inch drill for only one hole?

of course you english guys have it over us yanks,,, you guys are so much more industrious in many ways, because you had to be after the last world war.  There are literally hundreds of books published by your countryman that are probably readily available there that cannot be found here.

lindsay kinda fills this void for us over here.

but i am interested,,, why do you avoid them? is it because of the availability of quality books there in england or
is it because of you having a vast library? either way i am jealous :)

bob g

Personaly I just hate the idea of having to pay for recylced information from yesterday. I wish there were more forrums like this that spread around the "how to". I have some great books on engineering and manufatcuring but they were taylored to actualy producing things in factory setting. Practiacal how to is a different matter.


I have several and have used them.  Yes alot of it is recycled, but for a small cost you gain alot of time finding things.  Even on this group really finding things and sorting out fact from fiction  is a cluster *&*$.  I thought that the How to section was going to help but they look like they are heading down the same rabbit hole as the rest of the forum/internet.  I have used the internet to find alot of things, new and old, but wasted alot of time doing so.


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