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ajaffa Bob OK ?

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Hospitals are a great place to get sick, I'm worried for Bob too.

The outrageou$ drug Eliquis didn't touch the clot at all according to repeat ultrasound, so I see a vascular surgeon Thursday.  The risk of complications is significant.  Two other veins are now carrying the flow fairly well, no swelling or pain if I wear the graduated compression knee sock.  Perhaps one more thing to limp to the finish line with, I hope. 

I have the Listeroid and wood base a bath today, total scrub down and degrease, TSP and rinse.  I'm going to re-paint the base after it dries out well, it's fine but needs some new paint. I'm now a fan of Behr's Premium Plus latex for everything not underwater.  With a respirator I can do it myself.



I would Imagine having ultrasounds don't do you any good Either Bruce. Probably even going anywhere medical related is not good for you.  I do hope it comes good for you.
At least if you are still able to do things and move around that has to be a  good sign.

I feel half dead today even though I am as fine as I normally are not.
Up at 4am yesterday morning to take the Mrs hot air ballooning.  Got some nice pics of her and the friend that went with her... I certainly wasn't going to go in the thing.  Finished off with a Photoshoot which I haven't done in a long time and then being the good Blo.... sucker I am, stayed up till 2am editing and sending her some shots to use for an interview for a campaign she had today.

Even still I can't sleep properly and after 5 Hours I was up again to feel like a wet rag all day. Now it's come over overcast and blowing a gale but I could  hear my 70 yo neighbour out there working away and embarrassing the hell out of me again.  Man gets 5 times as much done as I ever do.  :embarassed:

I do hope  all do well and have a speedy recovery with optimal outcome!!!
Thoughts and Prayers.

Just had my go at the hospital (UC San Francisco) for getting the cancerous half of my liver taken out.  OMG.  I'd have thought that they would have some modern pain meds by now.  I don't have the common receptors for all the opioid based drugs, and my alternative - Tylenol 500  (with half a liver, 500 is all I can have)  did nothing.   So i'm slowly coming back up to speed myself

Hey Mike,
I thought I was the only one who couldn't do opioids.  Likewise, my liver function and gut make NSAIDs a bust.  Pot takes the edge off for me, though I can't handle that too often or vertigo gets bad, and I can only handle the high CBD, very low THC stuff.  I've been using the same 1.5 oz for 3 years and counting. 

I hope you cheat death and the remains of your liver stay cancer free for a long, long time.



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