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Hey Bob, Glad you're doing OK, best wishes with your wife's surgery.  I'm not going into the hospital, as they have mega wireless and a cell tower on top.  I can be there for a short time, though my head feels like it's going to pop. It matters little that I have a neurologist's report showing effect of a cell phone on me; doctors only accept what they have learned in medical school and ignore everything else .  I will consider outpatient surgery, as I have managed to get in and out for that twice before. 

Hey Bob!

Nice to see you've not been loafing, just 'cos you can't type don't mean you can't bull up a bit of brass!

If the one eyed man is king in the land of the blind, a Pommie, in Oz, down to his last paw......

Not that I'm the one to gossip or stir the shite, as you well know.


Have you heard?

The leading cause of premature death in America is the lack of eating fruit.  Too simple?  Most real answers are.  The old "An apple a day will keep the doctor away" turns out to be more true than most would suspect.  But wash then really good because apples are always in the top two or three of the most poisoned fruit / vegetables you'll purchase.  This would be a great time to put in a few veggies in a garden space.  I knew a guy that gardened out of soil bags he brought home from the hardware store.  He'd just give the slightly used soil away in the fall to friends that wanted to boost their compost a bit.

Read the labels on all stuff that is pre-prepared.  It's often flavored with the worst three.  SOS - Sugar - Oil - Salt.

So before I get completely up on another soapbox I write;

Best wishes on the multitasking.

And Remember

Caretakers often need caretakers themselves.


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