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Imperfect Solar
« on: April 12, 2019, 05:01:10 AM »

About 9 months ago I came up and put some panels on my fathers shed roof.

Had a lot of doubts about it, tilt was very wrong ,orienation was west,sort of, and there are loads of 100ft  gum trees shadowing the array most of the day. Of course they drop leaves and rubbish on the panels just to make things worse.

I put 3kw of crappy 175 w I think they were panels up with a 2kw inverter.
Going up in winter, first bill savings were negligble. Spring to summer and summer to autum bills have been less than half despite an extra and a much larger ac being installed and dad told to use them!

Looking at his meters for this quarter, i think he may save even more due to the lack of need for heating or cooling.

On what hes saved and what the used components cost, he is breaking even about now.
I think he had his doubts about tg hem, maybe it was he just doubted me as often is the case, but hes certainly happy now.
I'm thinking about bringing up some more panels and a 2.5 kw inverter.

This would keep the max input back to the circuit in check but overclocking the panels grossly would make up for the shading without overloading things when the summer sun was right for the 2 hours a day to give full generation. Might also be interesting to put an array on the east side of the shed as well as that may generate a more even output than a peaky one. I might have to look when i get up there in the next few days to give them a clean how many trees would shade that side in the mornig as midday will be about even.

I wonder if there are any current limiting devices that could work with a GTI?

I have read so many rules and advice with solar that just does not bear out in practice.
I know this system is horribly inefficient but the thing is it is still able to return its cost in under a year and that is what it is really all about.

The other bonus is this was done with panels that here should have been destroyed due to not conforming to  ever changing standards designed to  keep the solar  industry humming along above all else.
Nothing more eco friendly than using things longer than scrapping them. Recycling till still takes resources, sometimes more than starting from scratch.