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Hi guys.  See the listing?

I went and had a yak to this guy and offered him $500 just for the motor - he wasn't interested, of course

He's adamant that "It came from Argentina" and it was new when he got it - not rebuilt or whatever but "new"

He's not a hell of a mechanical chap - so he may not have been able to tell the difference?

is there any suggestion that there was manufacturing in Argentina?  The small brass plate I would expect to see wasn't evident

Maybe after he has had it listed for a year or two he'll revise his idea of it's value.  maybe once it's seized from sitting in the paddock where it has been the last three years.  Injector and decompressor linkages are already seized and it has one valve stuck open - so it's on the way . . .

Hello, thousands of Lister 8/1 SOM engines were manufactured in Argentina, between approximately 1959-1968.  Today, hundreds of them are in service and thousands of others stopped, but in 100% working order, due to the expansion of the electrical network.  I was born and live in Argentina and of course I have an 8/1 as a backup in case of emergency, I bought it used and in my property it was used for more than 7,000 hours with only a change of valves and valve guides. I apologize if there are errors in the Google translator. Regards. Jorge.

Hi All

Saw the above post, I was looking for something to do give me an excuse to avoid doing anything useful and prolong my first cup of tea of the day......


I Googled 'Lister Argentina' and found this

After gasping at the asking price thought I'd better check the conversion rate, I'm still gasping!

Either I have an order of magnitude problem or, rather than trying to help our US cousins by smuggling old Listers to them we should be shipping to South America!

Back to work....



Interesting. I would guess this was likely some sort of licensing agreement.

I am seeing stuff in the 140-150,000 Argentine Peso range. That's about $970 USD.

In Argentina, the value of the dollar established by the government is happens a bit like in Venezuela.  The value of a Lister, in greenbacks is about 400/500 dollars.  A dollar at 150 Argentine pesos only exists in the imagination of the government. Greetings


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