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Re: Earth Hour
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The strongest force for reduction in birth rate is wealth.  Increased wealth results in reduced population growth.

I'm not so sure about that. I would suggest that is true of first world country's, to a point.
Certainly the poorest countries in the world also tend to have the highest populations. Take India and a number of African nations for example. China until fairly recent times was also a poorer country and they have more people than anyone.

Also in the first/  western world one tends to find those in the lowest socio economic sectors also tend to be very prolific breeders. My impression of the poorer parts of the US is there are always more than 2 Children per family and the same tends to be true here. The more dependent on social security, the more  future recipients they tend to produce. I was watching a report on that some months back and because these people tend to be having buns in the oven much more in the mid teens than late 20s as is the average, it's not hard for these kids to grow up in households where the occupants have never had a job. Growing up with that as the norm programs the generations to accept it as normal.

I have certainly seen this with my  POS step brother and his equally low life Mrs.  They live Literally in a one room shack with a curtain across one corner for the thunderbox and the last 4 out of 6 Kids she has produced have been no more than 14 months apart. Adding to the irony and the obvious social security payments they are after, she has been sick with MS and done many fundraisers to pay for her treatment yet she is still pushing out more mongeral Children.  Due to the social security system  they can have 15 Kids and their payments just go up and up. How the social services people allow  6 People in one little shack I'm buggered if I know but it just further proves the stupidity of the system we have here.

Meanwhile My wife, daughter and I and everyone else with a job is paying for this and then you have People like Bob that are going through endless bullshit to be compensated for endless pain and suffering he has been though and to be able to afford medical treatment to have some semblance of a normal life after working his guts out and paying taxes unlike these other dead beats have ever done.

Agggh, time to drop that one before my blood pressure goes up any more.

Your Point of wealth would be effective if it were to come into play that after the first 2 spawns of satan, you are on your own.
Far too logical for our gubbermints here to implement and the cry from the probably hundreds of thousands of deadbeats it would affect would be something that had the PC do gooders in a flat spin over. Thus, the problem will continue to multiply itself as a perpetually growing problem.

Thinking about it, perhaps that band  where wealth is considered is quite narrow?  The middle class tends to talk about the cost of kids a lot  and in my impression, a lot more than to put it bluntly, a lot of the social security dead beats.  I do't know what it is  like in other countries but there would be a lot of evidence to support that belief here.

Certainly I agree those that are well off do not look so much at cost or worry about it in consideration of Children but then again,  the above middle class people I can think of also have less children on average than a lot of Down and outs I have come across.

I did pick up a prune tree and planted it this last week in celebration of Earth Day.  Thanks for the thread.  I may have apples from last year and the previous years planting as well.

One of the things on my winter do do list ( always a sketch proposition)  it to erect a framework I can cover with netting.
I pumped the water into the many and different fruit tress I had up the back last season and they all flourished well. Got bugger all to nothing off them  due to the Birds just destroying any and all fruit on them.  Most annoying. I'm not sure that anything less than building the trees into a cage will do much good. Cage is going to have to be about 20M long, 4 Wide and at least 4 high.  Pretty big job.

The cockatoos also wreaked havoc on my sunflowers I planted out the back which thankfully weren't attacked till after Christmas get together when they looked beautiful and seemed to give everyone a good feeling.  Next year I'm thinking of some sort of solar  powered device like a big spinning set of arms  so hey can't get near the things.

Right now I'm having to deal with the  Birds  eating my 10 Ft Tomato Vines.  They are still loaded when everyone elses have died long ago but I'm having to pick the fruit the moment it shows any colour to prevent the birds getting in sooner.
I want to keep these vines alive over winter so will have to decide what sort of heating and frost prevention i'm going to try to keep them alive.  So far I managed some for 2.5 years until the frost here wiped them out last year which was very disheartening.  I'm prepared to invest a bit this winter to prevent that.