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Re: Scalable Centrifuge to clean up VO
« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2007, 12:02:45 AM »
With and ID of 12” and an RPM of 1200 you will create slightly over 245 G’s. This will remove some of the larger particulates from oil, but it the oil will need to stay in the rotor for a longer time vs. a rotor spinning at a higher RPM.  Most of the commercial centrifuges are above 1500 G’s.  It is very important that these rotors be built very strong and be absolutely balanced.  Even a small out of balance condition is a recipe for catastrophic failure where there is a very real chance of bodily damage.

Here the most affordable model offered by US centrifuge:

It is a steal at $11900.00 for the bare bones model. (not a typo, its almost $12k)

Here is another:

This one is an unbelievable deal at $700 and you get to supply your own housing and base.

I am sure these are very nice and do a great job, but they are pretty expensive.  I think an effective centrifuge can be made for a lot less without sacrificing quality or safety. 

I will post some more details of what I envision in the marketplace area.

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